February 2015

In February 2015, Peter Bolvig tried an automobile case to a successful conclusion in Marshall County, Alabama, Circuit Court. The Plaintiff contended that he was stopped at a red light at approximately 8:00 a.m. on a work day on the major highway running through the area, when he was struck from the rear by the Defendant. The investigating officer testified that he assessed the Defendant as being under the influence of something and that the Defendant admitted at the scene to being under the influence of prescription medications. He was arrested on the scene, charged with DUI and taken to jail. The officer testified that the Defendant voluntarily submitted to a urinalysis upon arrival at the jail, which came back positive for methamphetamines. The Defendant later plead guilty to DUI charges. The Plaintiff claimed that he suffered numerous injuries, including a broken leg, a sinus fracture, numerous fractured crowns on his teeth, and lingering post-concussion syndrome symptoms, including vertigo. Trial lasted the entire week and jury deliberations continued over the weekend into the following Monday at which time the jury returned a verdict for the Defendant. The Plaintiff subsequently filed a Motion for New Trial which was granted by the trial court without a hearing or giving the Defendant an opportunity to even respond. The case is now on appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court.