December 2015

In December 2015, David Wells obtained a defense verdict for his client in a case in Jefferson County, Alabama. The Defendant admitted he was responsible for causing the accident and claimed he let his foot off the brake and rolled into the Plaintiff while they were stopped at a red light. Photographs of the vehicles showed no damage. Despite that fact, the Plaintiff claimed she immediately felt pain in her neck, pack and right shoulder and was taken from the accident scene via ambulance to the ER at UAB Hospital. Ultimately the Plaintiff underwent 3 surgeries on her right shoulder and was approved for Social Security disability benefits. The retail medicals bills were in excess of $55,000. Since the Defendant only had liability limits of $25,000 his insurance carrier reached a compromise settlement with the Plaintiff for $21,500. The underinsured motorist carrier advanced that settlement and forced the case to Trial. At Trial the Defendant admitted responsibility for the accident but disputed that the accident had caused any injury to the Plaintiff. The jury agreed and returned a verdict for the Defendant.