June 2015

David Wells obtained a defense verdict in an unusual and interesting case in Blount County, Alabama. The Defendant owned an Arabian Stallion which had a propensity for escaping from the Defendant’s property to visit the Plaintiff’s property and their Mustang mare. In July 2009, the Plaintiff’s claim that the Defendant’s stallion came onto their property and attacked their mare in an attempt to mate with her. The Plaintiffs attempted to remove their mare from their pasture at which time they claim the stallion trampled the female Plaintiff causing her bodily injuries. The Plaintiffs also claimed that in June 2010 the Stallion came back to the property to mate with their horse and damaged some fencing and a gate. The Plaintiffs sued the Defendant for negligence, wantonness and trespass. After a 2 day jury Trial, a Blount County jury returned a verdict for the Defendant.