October 2015

In October 2015, David Wells obtained a defense verdict for his client in a case in Baldwin County, Alabama. The facts of the case were that David’s client was on his way to Gulf Shores, Alabama on a family vacation and had become lost. The testimony was that the Defendant was stopped at a green light and was attempting to turn left but was waiting for on-coming traffic. The Plaintiff was traveling behind the Defendant and came to a complete stop at which time she was rear-ended by co-Defendant who was driving a box truck for Coca-Cola. The Plaintiff filed suit against both drivers and Coca-Cola on the basis that the Defendants combined and concurred to cause the accident. The Plaintiff alleged that as a result of the accident she was caused to suffer from excruciating and debilitating migraine headaches. The Defendants disputed the Plaintiff’s injury claims and argued that the migraines were pre-existing. After deliberating for less than 10 minutes, jury returned a verdict for the Defendants.